Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary | Canton, South Dakota


Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary

When you're little you always wish to be older. You always want to hurry up and do and experience things. Now that I'm in my 30's I wish time would slow down. We're almost at our 1st anniversary and I have no idea where the time went. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August and Matthew and I drove back to South Dakota to celebrate with the family. I don't know about you, but I still think of my parents as they were when I was in high school. It's like they're stuck in my mind in their 40's/50's and I can't believe that I'm creeping up on 37 this year.

To say this last year has been chaotic is well ... putting it lightly. My dad has had health problems for as long as I can remember. Shortly after I moved to D.C., I flew home in July and as soon as I got off the plane the first words uttered were, "he has cancer". My family isn't very open to discussing problems, and I am 100% opposite. Maybe I share too much, but I feel like we need to talk about what's bothering us and we need to tell people that we love them or they're being a jerk. It's just not healthy to keep everything inside.

A week after my wedding my dad had to undergo triple bypass surgery. We weren't even sure his doctor would clear him to be at my wedding, and truth be told ... he probably should've had his surgery immediately. But I am forever grateful that he was there, even though I know he wasn't feeling well at all. It's been so difficult on all of us, and especially my parents to cope with all of the stress and ups and downs. 

The following weekend after our wedding, I shot a wedding on Saturday, kissed my new husband goodbye, and caught a flight to Minneapolis on Sunday to meet my family for his surgery at the VA Hospital. Sitting and waiting was the absolute worst. He had many complications during surgery and the time seemed to slowly creep by. This was basically the one time that I wish I could've hit fast forward. We stayed at the Fisher House in Minneapolis, and it is an absolutely wonderful organization. My mom was up in Minneapolis for at least a month or maybe even more and there is no way she couldn't have done it without the ability to stay there and be close to the hospital.

A few days went by and I had to head back to D.C. The worst part, my dad still hadn't opened his eyes from surgery. He was taking a while to come out of anesthesia and I so wanted him to open his eyes before I left. But no luck. I hugged my mom, took an Uber to the airport, had a glass of wine, and cried the entire flight back to D.C. I'm sure the lady that was sitting next to me thought I was a lunatic, but I just couldn't hold it in anymore. You know your breaking point? I had hit it.

Fast forward a few months later, rehab had begun and my mom was trying her best to whip him into shape. Which is not an easy job, he's a little stubborn. Haha. I'm hoping that they continue his rehab and he's working out and getting heart healthy.

The point of this post is to celebrate their marriage of 50 years and I promise I'm getting to that. Growing up we'd road trip all over the place. From driving all the way to New York, to Yellowstone National Park, and seeing Mt. Rushmore a few thousand times, we covered many miles in our car. This is where my love of travel comes from. I have a need to see the world and how beautiful it is because of these family trips. My parents have worked extremely hard for everything they have and they've given me so many opportunities that they never had themselves. These family trips were part of that and I'm so thankful that we took them. Just another thing that you appreciate a lot more when you're older.

When Matthew and I stood up in front of our family and friends and said our marriage vows, I couldn't help but think of my parents. "In sickness and health". This was literally happening in front of my very eyes. We stood in the ICU at the VA Hospital and I watched my mom stroke my dads hair and hold his hand and tell him things that were happening around him while he was sleeping. She'd make sure to tell the nurse that his feet would always get cold and they'd need to be covered up. These little things sometimes go unnoticed, but not then. I watched her as she was terrified that we hadn't heard anything from the doctors and I watched her face fill with relief when he was finally out of surgery.

Vows go so much deeper than just words written on a piece of paper or something you say to get married. You are promising each other that no matter what the circumstance good or bad that you will have each other's back. Even in the darkest times, where you can't stand to look at the other person or in the best of times when you love them beyond words ... you are their everything and they are yours. I think the thing I try the hardest to do is tell Matthew thank you and let him know how much I appreciate him, not only as my husband ... but as my best friend.

People tend to take each other for granted, and I am trying my best to let those that I love know how much they are valued and loved. 

These two cuties Lynn & Charlotte were married on August 12th, 1967. My mom's dress was only $127 and they opened all of their gifts in the church basement in front of family and friends. Cards were kept as cherished memories, a beautiful photo album of their special day has been well preserved, and the gown adorned with lace has a tiny yellow hue to show the years that have passed by. The pearls that my dad gave my mom are still kept in the same box and they are only worn for special occasions.

My parents are truly an inspiration and I am so proud to say that they have had 50 years together! I can only hope that Matthew and I have the same. I had so much fun hanging out with my mom, having her take out her wedding dress, album, bridesmaids dress, veil ... she literally kept everything! I need to get scrapbooking! I made them have a little photo session with me before we headed to their party. They're just two of the cutest kids ever! P.S. they were total hotties! AND make sure you check out her wedding list! As I mentioned above, her dress and veil were only $127?! OMG.