The New Website Is Finally Here!

Treat Yo Self

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Does anyone else watch countless reruns of Parks and Rec? Treat Yo Self isn't just a funny few episodes with Tom & Donna going out on crazy shopping sprees or when Ben is sad and buys a Batman costume. I believe you need to Treat Yo Self as much as possible. Whether you're getting a pedicure after spending all weekend on your poor feet or having some ice cream when it's 9 thousand degrees outside. Today I'm treating you all to my new website and I hope you love it!


Where do I even begin? It seems I've been working on my website FOREVER and I truly mean forever. You see, I'm a perfectionist and an ADD/OCD perfectionist. Is that a thing? If so, I'm the lucky winner. When each year rolls around and I look at how the body of my photography work has changed. I begin to think about how I want my work to feel,  how I want my clients and potential clients to see my work and what they feel by seeing the finished product. I think my website needs to change. A little too crazy? Maybe. But I think change is necessary and I want to showcase all of my amazing couples and hard work over the past year. I've been published in several publications and my biggest goal for the beginning of 2018 was hit! I had my first feature in my all time favorite wedding blog Magnolia Rouge! This was an absolutely crazy moment for me. I never dreamed that I'd actually #1 get published in general and #2 be on one of the most beautiful world wide wedding blogs! I can't thank them enough!

I've been traveling like a mad woman and I spent 3 months out in Colorado and I was able to collaborate with some amazing vendors for our Paint Mines styled shoot. Which the video is on my home page. Please make sure you check it out, it's absolutely gorgeous! So many things have changed and so many things are crazy right now, but photography is my constant. It's always there for me and always pushing me to create every single day. I'm learning to listen to my heart and soul more, and it's shining through in my work.

Shooting Film

I am 1 million percent diving into film and I absolutely love it. Why do I shoot film? Just look at the results! Several of my new galleries are almost 100% film! It provides me alllll of the romantic feels and I absolutely love the colors and texture it provides. You can still emulate digital to match film and I do still shoot some digital because let's be honest ... I need that instant gratification when I'm shooting. There's just nothing like it. It brings me back to my childhood and memories of working in the darkroom, learning how to use my Polaroid camera, and laying on the living room floor combing through our family albums. Film allows me to be the artist that I know I am and the artist I know I can be. You have to slow down and really visualize the shots before you take them. Why? Because film is SO EXPENSIVE! Bottom line it makes me sooo unbelievably happy!

I'm 99.9% Finished

I'm 99.9% finished with my website and I told myself that I would launch today and so I am! The bulk of the content is there! I wanted my website to feel ethereal and appeal to everyone and be packed with content. As I stated in my About Me section, I believe that Love is Love and I 100% welcome all couples. So I welcome you all with open arms to my new website that I've been spending countless hours and sleepless nights on. Thank you so much for sticking with me!